About Us

The founders of Tri Morya with their professional qualifications and over 20 years of work experience founded the company in Russia in 2005. Since its establishment, Tri Morya Construction & Trade Company LLC has been providing quality construction services in Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Russia with its special potential for growth was aimed to be the main geography where the company is operating.

Tri Morya proved its trustworthiness and permanence in the field of construction by conducting various important projects in many branches of the construction sector. Tri Morya is well-equipped to provide a comprehensive range of construction services for a wide range of projects including  commercial centers, shopping malls, power plants, industrial facilities, housing complexes, recreation areas as well as turnkey construction of breweries, retail shops etc.

Trimorya mainly focuses on building excellence for all of its clients by delivering the highest quality project in a cost-effective way and on time yet maintaining the highest safety and quality standards.

Tri Morya places great emphasis on developing and maintaining long-term relationships with its clients who have trusted to its expertise and experience. As a part of this understanding Tri Morya works with a permanent professional staff and also maintaines a continuous relationship with its subcontractors.

Tri Morya having a permanent, strong and growing work force with more than 2.000 employees working simultaneously in 3 different countries has the bonding capacity to complete any sized project on time and on budget.

Tri Morya gives weight to continuous investment in the improvement of its technical equipments, technological and managerial competence in order to respond to the changing needs of clients and market.